Price of books

Howard Bloom, author of the incomparable “Global Brain”, has a new book out called “The Genius of the Beast – A Radical Revision of Capitalism”. As he is one of my favourite authors ever, I’m keen to read it.

But here’s how much it would cost me for the hardback:

From Dymocks:  A$63:00

From A$32:35*

Downloaded to my iPhone via Kindle: A$12:90

*In hardback, standard shipping, assuming US$1 = A$0.90


2 Responses to “Price of books”

  1. corina Says:

    $12.90 + the eye doctor bills when all that “iReading” catches up with your peepers later!!!!

  2. Robin Says:

    You need to update your blog Durand 🙂

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